We can offer Saturday special group events for children aged 8 - 12 years. Limited to 10 children, the one-day classes will be from 10:00 - 4pm at a cost of $100 per child. Themes can be built around personal choices.

  The children have hands-on experience in the kitchen and learn to use knives safely.  Classes will include baking -- breads, pies, tarts, pastry, and more. Also how to make pasta, ice creams, vegetable dishes, and chicken mains.  In summer they are able to help harvest from the vegetable gardens -- tomatoes, hot and sweet peppers, eggplants, green beans, beets, squashes, anything else in season. There is a small fruit orchard where we grow apples, pears, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, rhubarb and more. Also a large herb garden.
  The vegetables, fruits, and herbs are grown organically. (However, Glenfiddich Farm is not certified as organic.) The children collect eggs from the pasture-raised chickens and also help to feed them.  
   We re-use, recycle and compost diligently at Glenfiddich Farm. The children are taught what they can and cannot compost and learn how to create a simple compost bin/pile -- that they can duplicate at home -- to turn vegetable waste into soil for eventual use in containers or small gardens.