Glenfiddich Farm is a 175-year-old former dairy farm located near Hamilton, just outside of Leesburg in the beautiful Virginia Piedmont region of Western Loudoun. Originally called Gobblers Knob after the multitude of resident wild turkeys on the farmlands, it was later renamed Glenfiddich -- Celtic for Valley of the Deer -- to celebrate the many deer that continue to reside on the property.

The Cookery School was started in February 2005 by Olwen Woodier, co-owner of the circa 1840s Glenfiddich Farm she shares with ceramic artist Richard Busch of Glenfiddich Farm Pottery. The classes for Special Groups are held throughout most of the year on weekday or Saturday morning for lunch.


The three-hour classes usually start at 10:30am and finish around 2:00pm. Starting at 11:00am and finishing at 2:30pm is also an option for those travelling a distance. For groups wishing to discuss books, business, or whatever, there is no requirement for departure earlier than 3:30pm.  

The four-course meals are created by hands-on participation with some demonstration.

The cooking classes are held in the large modernized farm kitchen equipped with a professional 8-burner WOLF range and an island with 4-burner WOLF cook-top.      

A minimum of eight registrants is necessary for Special Group bookings (weekday lunch classes $65 and Saturday lunch classes $75)  -- birthdays, bridal showers, garden clubs, book clubs, team building through hands-on cooking workshops, exclusively vegetarian or vegan, etc.  We can accommodate up to 20 people but 12 - 14 is the maximum for comfortable hands-on participation in preparing and cooking the meal.           

pan roasted salmon with asparagus, grilled chicken breast with spring onion and asparagus
Glenfiddich Farm Cookery class themes and menu descriptions can be viewed by clicking on Classes located above. The themes include: 
  • Mediterranean Flavors: Chickpea-parsley soup, Moroccan Pan/Oven Roasted Pork Tenderloin, Rosemary-Parmesan Focaccia, Onions with seasonal greens, Turkish Orange-Honey Walnut Cake.
  • Stuffed, Wrapped & Rolled: Appetizers and main meals of fresh spring rolls, sushi/nori rolls,  potsticker ravioli,  empanadas, quesadillas,
  •  Mezzes & Tapas: Savory little dishes for appetizers and entire meals
  •  A World of Stove-top Flatbreads: Naan, Paratha, scone bread, French galette, Stuffed Asian pancakes, ...
  • Totally Tofu: Techniques and dishes from appetizers to desserts
  • World Cuisines including:  Indian, Turkish, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Southwest American, … (These classes are based on individual country themes as well as combined pan-Asian menus.)
  • Farmers Markets: Fresh Veggie & Herb Sauces and Salsas for pasta, seafood, chicken, meats, ...
  • Hot, Spicy and Meatless: Appetizers and Entrees
  • The Hot & Healthy Wok 1: Light and Easy Stir-Fry Meals with veggies and pork, turkey tenders, chicken breast, and/or seafood, ...
  • The Hot & Healthy Wok 2: Vegetarian Light and Easy Stir-Fry Meals with beancurd, tempeh, veggies, rice noodles, ...
  • Vegetarian Indian Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Mezzes and Tapas 
  •  Seafood Mezzes and Tapas
  • Paellas: seafood and chicken
  • Risottos: vegetable and seafood
  • New Mexican Flavors 1: Spicy Turkey Breast/Tenders with Cranberry & Apple Relish, Green Chile Spoonbread, Chocolate Pecan Tart.
  • New Mexican Flavors 2: Southwest Tapas: Tequila  Shrimp, Turkey Meatballs with Chipotle Chile Sauce, Roasted Pepper and Corn Quesadilla, Potato Wedges with Tomato Chile Salsa, Dessert Empanaditas
  • Vegetarian New Mexican:Stuffed Poblano Chile with tofu and corn; Black bean, onion and tomato salsa; Lemon Cilantro Rice, Blue Corn muffins with pinon honey butter.
  • Gifts for Giving and/or Saving: Flavoured Oils & Vinegars, Moroccan Preserved Lemons, Hot Pepper Jelly, Berry Sauces, Spices: Toasted and Ground, ... 
  • Please visit the Classes page to discover the dates and times of the courses currently being offered.     

About Olwen    

Olwen, who is the author of seven cookbooks ;(most recent from Storey Books: Pesto Cookbook (2017); Apples (2014), Corn (2003), and Peaches and Other Juicy Fruits (2004), Food Essentials: Vegetables (2000 Random Hous); has written on food for 35 years: regularly for the New York Times Living (Dining) section from 1984-1994 (articles can be located in NYT Archives), as well as for national magazines including Gourmet, Woman's Day, Family Circle, Food Management, and Virginia regionals: elan, and Loudoun Magazine.    

From 1995 to 2000, Olwen taught cooking classes for the County of Fairfax including The Vegetarian Epicure classes at Reston Community Center. She has also taken numerous cooking classes including: The Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, New York for Health & Nutrition courses; Ballymaloe Cooking School, Ireland; Santa Fe Cooking School, NM; Taos Cooking School, NM; Michel Richard Citronelle, DC; and the NYC Natural Gourmet School of Cooking. In 2008, Olwen spent three weeks in Thailand and Vietnam taking classes in Bangkok, Hoi An, and Hanoi.  November 2009 she spent 10 days in Seoul, S. Korea, taking classes in side-street restaurants and in the kitchen with Korean friends. Highlights included grill-roasting split eels, and BBQ pork loins, and trying to duplicate the cinnamon sesame hodok buns. May 2012 was an immersion process in Spanish tapas in Alicante and Barcelona.  In February 2013 Olwen visited the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy and attended Hotel Villa Romana's cooking classes.  Located in Minori, the hotel kitchen (chef Guiliano) gave instruction in making pasta, gnocchi, pizza, braised fish, various vegetables in season, yeast baba e limonata, limoncello, and much more. Cooking Middle Eastern dishes in Israel in 2018 was a highlight.     

We look forward to seeing you at Glenfiddich Farm, so bring along your appetite and curiosity and pick up ideas for whipping together some interesting, elegant and easy meals for family and friends.